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Evergreen trees provide a wonderful year round green color in landscapes and maintain their color in cold winter weather or the dry summer heat. Evergreen trees are versatile and can be used as ornamentals, hedges, and as privacy barriers. They can also be utilized to catch snow and decrease wind speeds around homesteads and buildings.

Our featured Evergreen Tree selection is as follows:

  • Norway Spruce Trees
  • Colorado Spruce Trees
  • White Spruce Trees
  • White Pine Trees
Evergreen Trees

The featured trees above are prime example of just how beautiful our Evergreens can get, and stay…

Evergreen trees retain the majority of their needles throughout the winter. Spruces are used as a traditional Christmas decoration for millions of homes.

FACT: All evergreens benefit from mulches. All need sufficient water to become established after transplanting. This varies with species, soil conditions, weather and site conditions.

There are many reasons to invest in an Evergreen tree: they remain the same volume and color throughout the year, block wind, shade brittle plants and can catch snow. Paradise Tree Farm has a great selection of healthy, affordable trees whether its for your garden, or living room around those cold holidays.