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Shade trees are the most sought after trees in the United States. Shade trees are usually the first type of tree chosen for the yards of new homes, business parks and recreational parks. Shade trees beautify the landscape and provide a habitat for birds and other small animals. They also reduce heating and cooling costs of homes and buildings and increase property values.

Our featured Shade Tree selection is as follows:

  • Maple Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Elm Trees
  • Linden Trees
Shade Trees

A beautiful display of our Maple Trees

FACT: Shade Trees reduce the heat reflected from paved & asphalted areas and then convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Because Shade Trees are in such high demand, Paradise Tree Farm wants to put your search at ease. We have a very large selection of healthy trees that will really make your yard stand out against the rest. Whether its providing shade for your yard, creating a cover for harsh weather, or reducing the energy used in cooling your house, stop by and we’ll pick out the best one for you!